Art, history, culture, enogastronomy, nature: the location of Hotel Antica Abbazia is perfect to spend a vacation full of variety that can change everyday.

In the amazing town of Bassano del Grappa you will find characteristic streets that will leed you to the famous Ponte Vecchio.

There are many museums in the city including: the Historic Museum of the Great War, the Civic Museum etc.

Other places of popular interest that we encourage guests to visit include: 

  • Possagno: the places of Antonio Canova (the Canovian temple and the Gipsoteca)

  • Ossario del Grappa: monument dedicated to the victims of WWI

  • The “walled” cities: Cittadella, Marostica, Castelfranco Veneto
  • Asolo: ‘Bandiera Arancione of the Italian Touring Club’ (listed in the club for being one of “Most beautiful villages in Italy”­“Borghi più belli d’Italia”)

  • Grappa museums: from the innovative Poli Grappa museum to the incredibly famous “Bolle di Nardini”, designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas

  • Mansions of Veneto: Villa di Maser, Villa Emo, Villa Sandi etc.

  • Marostica, characterized by its fantastic square, which is home to the chess game with living chessmen