Being that our hotel is at the feet of Monte Grappa, it’s the perfect place for paragliding and hang­ gliding.
The area is well known all over the world due to the presence of precious updrafts, which make it suitable for flying during the whole year.

To help you get to your daily activities, the hotel provides an affordable shuttle service that departs from the parking lot in front of the hotel.
There are a variety take­off points at different altitudes and with different levels of difficulty; there are also many landing grounds.
Guests may also have a chance to book a tandem flight in a paraglide with qualified and skilled instructors: this is the best way to get close to this exciting sport, but in a very safe way without sacrificing the unforgettable and memorable experience that paragliding provides.
There are also courses for beginners who want to learn the flying techniques for both paragliding and hang ­gliding.