We are a family-run business and have been running this establishment since 1939.
The journey has been long and arduous at times. When we think that in the year 1000 this location was visited by thousands of pilgrims and merchants who stayed in this house, that was once the ancient Abbey, on their way to the market at Valle Santa Felicita.
Benedictine nuns arrived in 1055 and remained here until 1404, spreading their devotion to the Abbess Saint Felicity, hence the church that bears her name.
The Abbey then passed into the hand of the hermits of the Gerolimini order (which no longer exists).
On 15 July 1636, the ancient Abbey was destroyed by a flood that resulted in the loss of many documents about the events of this place.
In 1939 grandfather Libero Reginato bought this property which he in turn left to his three daughters (America, Nori, Bruna) whilst to his two other children (Remo and Antonio) he left other pieces of land in the province of Treviso.
In 1971 aunt Nori, helped by her brother Antonio (Toni, our father) opened what was once called an osteria or tavern. In the 1980s she converted it into a pizzeria, supported by her sister-in-law Renata (our mother).
By that time, a new brand of tourist had already begun arriving, with a passion for free flight, our mountain and our cuisine.
In the early nineties, the most fearless of our brothers, Emanuele, decided to dedicate his time to the restaurant and to create spaces for offering hospitality to tourists.
A torrent of ideas gradually turned into reality: one day a restaurant-pizzeria, the next a camping site, and now the hotel.